Energy usage

At HPC Vega, we also measure the amount of energy used. Users can view energy consumption for each job.

In the case of an already completed job, you can view it in the following way:

[user@vglogin0004 ~]# sacct -j <jobID> --format=Alloctres%50


Remember that the displayed value is correct only if the user had allocated the entire node. Since this is not the case in most cases, it is necessary to multiply the value by the billing value, and then divide by 256. Like this: Energy used 3499570 * 64 / 256 = 874893 J

The value is given in units of Joules. However if you wish to traslate this to Watt hours you can multiply number with 0.27778 for every kJ.

We also track the total energy consumption of each user and account on our cluster. You can view information of your user and account on two ways:

  • by running shell script:
[user@vglogin0004 ~]# /ceph/hpc/bin/
                    Report on spent resources for your projects until today
  user,account                       | CPU (core hours)   | GPU (core hours)   | Energy consumed     |
  username                           | 5345               | 353                | 0.21 kWh            |
  usergroup                          | 65434              | 43263              | 0.17 GWh            |

  • by using the following commands
sacct -u <username> --format=jobid,consumedenergy,state -S 2023-10-01 -E 2024-01-10

sacct -A <account> --format=jobid,consumedenergy,state -S 2023-10-01 -E 2024-01-10


When tracking the energy consumption of jobs, only the consumption of the node itself is taken into account, the consumption of the supporting infrastructure is not included here!