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TotalView Debugging Software for C/C++, Fortran, and Mixed-Language Python Applications.

TotalView debugging software provides the specialized tools you need to quickly debug, analyze, and scale high-performance computing (HPC) applications. This includes highly dynamic, parallel, and multicore applications that run on Vega HPC.

With TotalView You Can:

  • Easily launch CUDA applications under the control of the debugger.
  • Seamlessly set breakpoints in host and kernel GPU code.
  • Actively debug multiple GPUs on one or more cluster nodes.
  • Debug CUDA applications using the latest NVIDIA CUDA SDKs and GPUs on Linux x86-64, ARM, and PowerLE (Power9).
  • Quickly pinpoint issues in highly parallel GPU programs.
  • Improve your codes’ use of GPUs and HPC CPUs.

Load TotalView

TotalView is available on Vega HPC as a module. To load use the command below:

module load totalview

GUI and Command Line Interfaces

TotalView provides both an easy-to-learn graphical user interface (GUI) and a Command Line Interface (CLI). The CLI and GUI are well integrated, so you can use them both together, launching the CLI from the GUI and invoking CLI commands that display data in the GUI. Or you can use either separately without the other. However, because of the GUI’s powerful data visualization capabilities and ease of use, we recommend using it (along with the CLI if you wish) for most tasks.


The GUI is an easy and quick way to access most of TotalView’s features, allowing you to dive on almost any object for more information. You can dive on variables, functions, breakpoints, or processes. Data is graphically dis- played so you can easily analyze problems in array data, memory data, your call tree/graph, or a message queue graph.

Users can choose between the modern type of user interface and the classic type of user interface. By default, is set up a modern type of user interface.

To lunch a modern TotalView GIU use command:


NOTE: To start TotalView GIU needs X11-forwarding. This link explains how to enable X11-forwarding.

The output of totalview command is shown in the picture below:

totalview command output

For classic user interface use command:

totalview -classicUI

The output of totalview -classicUI command is shown in the picture below:

totalview -classicUI command output


The Command Line Interface, or CLI, provides an extensive set of commands to enter into a command window. These commands are embedded in a version of the Tcl command interpreter. You can enter any Tcl statements from any version of Tcl into a CLI window, and you can also make use of TotalView-specific debugging commands.

To lunch TotalView CLI use command: