The Message Passing Interface (MPI) implementation is an important part of an HPC Vega cluster. The vast majority of software that needs to communicate across nodes uses MPI. Although it is not the only means of communication between processes, it is the only one that we provide a standard implementation for that can be used both for compiling and running software. Other more specialized communication implementations are typically built with the software that utilizes them.

More information about MPI can be found at the following location:

There are several implementations of the MPI standard. The one that we use on the HPC Vega is Open MPI.

OpenMPI on HPC Vega is available as a module. Search and display for the desired module:

$ module keyword openmpi/
$ module whatis openmpi/

Loading the selected module (Default Open MPI version is

$ module load openmpi/

Once you have loaded the Open MPI module then the mpirun, mpiexec, mpicc, mpif90 commands will be available for running your MPI programs.

$ mpirun ./my_application